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Scuba divers, snorkelers, ocean lovers, eco-tourists, casual tourists, and everyone else with time and resources to spare, let's bring voluntourism to Les Village.

Coral maintenance and clean up at the Metro Coral Reef. (Image captured from video footage of Pak Eka. )

The coral reefs of Les Village were devastated by widespread use of potassium cyanide in catching ornamental fish. The fisherfolks have since turned their back on this practice and adopted their own environmentally friendly and sustainable way of catching aquarium fishes.

For more than a decade now, the village fisherfolks have also worked on rehabilitating their coral reefs, experimenting on various media  to host their coral garden. They now have a thriving coral reef to show for it.  And with the help of voluntourism, they are ready to expand it some more.

Les Village has become a model and educator of other fishing village communities in Bali on both sustainable ornamental fishing and reef rebuilding.

Now its fisherfolks have launched a community based marine ecotourism program centered on reef rebuilding and sustainable ornamental fishing. The program is complimented by the natural charms of Les Village -- torrential bath at the village's Yeh Mempeh waterfalls, traditional Hindu Balinese culture with its many temples, ceremonies, subak system (irrigation), traditional salt making, and more.  

See what the village fisherfolks have accomplished. Learn by sharing and participating in their own experience.  

Come to Bali. Come to Les Village. 

The leaders of the fisherfolk organization with Sea Communities' Pak Gede Yudarta (2nd from left) and Elaine Kwee (4th from left) posing in 2012 with the table-type reef rebuilding structure before it was disassembled on land and re-assembled 10 meters under the sea to host coral transplants. 

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