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Tackling climate change & protecting coral reefs

"I commend Reef Check Australia for its valuable work in engaging the local community and businesses. Their contribution builds on our knowledge of the health of the Great Barrier Reef." Dr. Russell Reichelt, Chairman, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

  • Reef Check Australia is an award-winning marine conservation charity. We are responding to the severe threats facing Australia's beautiful coral reefs because we believe there is hope if we take action now.
  • Everyone can get involved - in or out of the water

DiVo joined the intense training Modules 1-3 on Orpheus Island and found it opened a new whole dimension to diving. Have you ever ignored the coral and "small stuff" for the big pelagics? Well, many of us do, in honesty! But learning about reef survey and the reasons behind why we collect data on coral and invertebrates, we suddenly notice things that inform us of the general health of the reef we are visiting and our human impact on reeflife (diving, fishing, boat anchors, sewage, pollution...we are bad), making each dive a more meaningful experience. Eye opening. Really.

So, join up a Reef Check Australia training holiday. DiVo is proud to have collaborated with Reef Check Australia in its pilot project for January 2011 and hopes to bring more of the same.

Here is some further information on Reef Check Australia.

Reefcheck Australia sets out its overall objectives in its Strategic Plan 2011-2013:

1)     Vision:

Healthy and sustainable coral reefs supported by an engaged and informed public.

2)     Mission Statement:

To promote healthy coral reefs through scientific research, community education and marine conservation.

3)     Tagline:

‘Empowering people to save our reefs and oceans’

4)     Core Values

1. Empowering and engaging the community in environmental conservation and decision making.

2. Collaborating and cooperating with other partners to achieve our vision.

3. Maximizing stakeholder benefits with minimal cost.

4. Acting with professional and integrity at all times.

5. Aspiring to excellence and striving for innovation in all our activities.

5)     Objectives

1. To generate and publish select coral reef data that is highly valued by scientists and marine managers.

2. To create meaningful opportunities for the public to engage in coral reef conservation.

3. To help the public understand the value of coral ecosystems and how they can help protect them.

4. To produce high-quality educational and public awareness programs, facilitating behavioural change and promoting sustainable practices that help to protect our environment.

5. To enhance Reef Check Australia’s credibility, promote our reputation nationwide and progress towards a position of financial sustainability.

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